David Austin Recognized by Worldwide Branding for Excellence in the Manufacture and Design of Medical Garments

Mr. Austin is dedicated to making patients’ lives easier

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, August 31, 2015, David Austin, Owner and Co-Founder of Comfort Line, LLC, has been recognized by Worldwide Branding for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in the manufacture and design of medical garments.

With two years of experience as the owner and co-founder of Comfort Line, LLC, and 5 years experience with central line catheters, Mr. Austin has honed his skill-set in the matters of production, manufacturing and product design. His daily responsibilities include ensuring that designs are properly implemented, overseeing shipment and logistics, in addition to conducting research studies. A nationally recognized company, Comfort Line, LLC is a medical garment provider that designs, manufactures and distributes  patented medical garments.

Of his many great accomplishments, Mr. Austin and his wife developed the now-patented medical garment for people who live with a central line catheter. Primarily used with cancer and chemotherapy patients, central line catheters are very delicate and prone to secondary health complications. The garments created by Comfort Line, LLC are purposefully designed to protect, secure and store a central line in patients for the long term. They also use Anti-Microbial textile technology and help prevent damage to the device.

Mr. Austin’s unwavering passion for the industry started in 2009, when his one-year-old son was diagnosed with cancer. He and his wife began designing medical garments in order to better manage their son’s central line device. Along the journey to aid their son, the couple realized that their garment design would also benefit other patients with central lines.

In the future, Mr. Austin hopes to generate greater awareness and understanding of this medical garment development among health care professionals. He intends to expand his relationships with doctors, nurses and medical facilities around the country, and break into the international market, as well. Within the next few years, he would like to have the garments represented in at least 80 percent of medical facilities in the United States that predominately work with patients needing central lines. In addition, he hopes that his product will become a standard in patient care, expanding into Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Mr. Austin received a BA from Stetson University in 1994 majoring in Business Administration and Fine Art. He has also completed coursework in economics of southeast Asia, culture, ecology and literature through The University of Melbourne. A dynamic member of his growing industry, Mr. Austin is a member of the advisory board for the Make-A-Wish Foundation Mid-Atlantic, and has also dedicated his spare time to the John Hopkins Children’s Hospital.

For more information about Comfort Line, LLC, please visit http://www.mycomfortline.com.

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