Diane O'Dette Cohen Invented, Designed and Markets the MYPETDBC, Pillow Pocket Pal and Shut~eye Products

Ms. Cohen created these products to help improve people’s everyday lives

BEDFORD, MA, May 4, 2015, Diane O'Dette Cohen, Owner and Inventor of DBCOVERZZZ, Inc. has been recognized for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in entrepreneurship.

Ms. O'Dette Cohen has three years of professional experience, with two years as the owner of DBCOVERZZZ. Throughout her career, she has become an expert in customer service, and she is particularly adept at helping people by creating solutions to make their lives easier. On a daily basis, she works to promote her products, which she also sells through DBCOVERZZZ website, Overstock.com and many other various ecommerce companies and at craft fairs. She also works with marketing companies to promote all three products. She is presently developing a commercial which will be airing in May for the Pillow Pocket Pal which became patented in April 2015. She is also working to patent Shut-Eye, a pillowcase with light shielding head cover made with black out material in the flap.

She attributes her success to her work ethic, helping people and passion for what she does. She became interested in invention while helping a friend research the patenting process. Ms. O'Dette Cohen designed the website, found the sewing company and helped bring her friend's product to market. Her own first invention was born of necessity; she purchased two expensive dog beds for her new puppy, and when they became dirty, she realized she could not wash them. Ms. O'Dette Cohen searched for pet bed covers but did not find any, leading her to invent her own. Fortunately, she already knew all of the necessary companies to make her dream a reality, including a sewing company, printing company, logo and design company to create the product. Ms. O'Dette Cohen measured the pet beds and worked with the sewing company to create samples, eventually settling on a final MYPETDBC design. She later came up with a second invention, which was a pillowcase with an attached pocket in the side that would allow important items to be stored in the pocket while people of all ages napped or slept. This invention would be especially useful to kids, new parents, elderly, patients, college students, firefighters and police. The most gratifying aspect of Ms. O'Dette Cohen's career is the reactions she receives when people see her product for the first time and how many compliments she receives for the idea.

Ms. O'Dette Cohen has been honored with a Certificate of Recognition for Creative Thinking by Innovation Direct, and she was a VIP of the Year through the National Association of Professional Women. As she moves forward with her career, Ms. O'Dette Cohen will have all three products patented by year end and is hoping to be in retail stores, gift shops, hospital gift shops and colleges.

DBCOVERZZZ, Inc. is a company that provides a Universal Pet Bed Cover called MYPETDBC, which covers deep dish and flat small, medium and large pet beds and is easily removed for easy machine washing. The company has also developed and patented the Pillow Pocket Pal, a pillowcase with an attached pocket, which hangs off the side of the bed to hold important items like; flashlights, tv remotes, books, kids journals, favorite stuffed animals, pajamas, kindles, iPods, iPads, money, wallets, personal items and more. The Shut~eye pillowcase is designed to help teens, college students, adults, and public service people sleep during the day or night to help keep light and noise out. College students love these because of the different schedules roommates may have while sleep is a must. Police and fire fighters also love them because of the work schedule and must needed sleep during the day, the Shut~eye helps block out the light. In the Fall DBCOVERZZZ will be selling “Must have College Care Package” which will include either a Pillow Pocket Pal or Shut~eye pillowcase. 

Ms. O'Dette Cohen donates pillowcases to charitable organizations. For more information about DBCOVERZZZ, Inc. visit http://www.dbcoverzzz.com.

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